OneDrive: Using OneDrive in Loyola Workspace and in Labs and Classrooms

Loyola Workspace

When you launch a program from Workspace, the following prompt will appear:


Enter your email address and click Sign in. You can close the Your OneDrive is ready for you dialogue box. Now, when you open or save a file, OneDrive will be an available location:

OneDrive will automatically be available on subsequent application launches.

Labs and Classrooms

We are using a tool to map OneDrive as a file drive in our public spaces (labs and classrooms).  

When in labs and classrooms, follow the steps below to connect: 

  1. Log into the computer
  2. Wait for the Sign in to your account pop up box to appear. Enter your Loyola email address and click Next

Microsoft sign in screen

  1. Select Work or school account
  2. Enter your password
  3. Once logged in, OneDrive will appear as your O: drive when opening or saving documents. This is what the File Explorer will look like in labs and classrooms:

Image of File Explorer showing the O drive mapped to OneDrive for Business

  1. Always remember to log out of the computer at the end of your session. Logging out will close the link to your Loyola OneDrive account, preventing access by others. If you leave the computer logged in, access to your OneDrive and other systems will persist for other users.

Note: If you inadvertently close the Microsoft sign-in window, please select the ExpanDrive icon from the taskbarYou may need to press the up arrow to show hidden icons.Expandrive icon in the system tray (looks like a red flower)

Get Help

If you need additional assistance with Microsoft OneDrive for Business, please review related articles, or submit a ticket to the Help Center.

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