Sharing a OneDrive file directly from Outlook

OneDrive is a versatile tool that has interoperability between all Microsoft tools, thereby offering several ways to share a file. One way is via the OneDrive app online, but you can also share directly from the Outlook application that is installed on all Loyola-managed computers.

  1. Write your email as you normally would. Locate the “Insert” tab at the top of your email. Select “insert a file” like you typically would attach a file.
  2. If you have recently interacted with the file in OneDrive, the file will show in your “Quick Access” list which appears when you select “attach a file”. You will notice to the left of some of your files there is a green checkbox, and if you look closely at the location of the file it will include “your name\OneDrive…” Select the file you wish to share and click “Open”. 
If you do not see your file in Quick Access, navigate to your OneDrive in File Explorer, open the file and close it out. This will make it appear within the Quick Access menu.
  1. You will be given the option to “share link” or “attach as copy”. “Attach as copy” works just like you are used to when you attach a file. This will provide separate copies of the file to each recipient. "Share link" sends the users a link to the OneDrive version and they can make edits to the original file itself.

  1. Under where the file says, “Share link”, you will notice, “recipients can see the latest changes and respond in real time.” This is the default sharing option set in OneDrive, but you can click on the file to edit the sharing options. By default, anyone in the TO: field of your email will be granted access to the linked file.​​​​​​​

**Please note: If one of your recipients forwards the email to another person, the person the email was forwarded to will not have access since the file was shared only with specific people.

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