Installing MyWorkDrive - Personal Mac

  1. Navigate to to install the application.
  2. Scroll down to the Mac section and select the link to download the latest version (not preview or prior release).

    Screenshot of the MyWorkDrive website, with Mac version highlighted.

  3. Open the download when prompted.
    Title: Opening Zipped File - Description: This shows how to open the zipped package.
  4. Go through the prompts to install the application.
    Screenshot of the prompt to install MyWorkDrive  This is the start of the installation process for MyWorkDrive.
  5. Visit the FUSE for macOS download page and download the latest stable release.
  6. When prompted, double click to select the option for FUSE for macOS.  
    Title: FUSE for macOS
  7. Allow the application to install by selecting the various prompts.
    A screenshot of the install prompt for FUES for MacOS.
  8. When the Custom Install prompt appears, make sure FUSE for macOS Preference Pane is checked and hit continue.
    A screenshot of the custom install prompt. Ensure FUSE for macOS Preference Pane is checked and select Continue.
  9. You may need to allow the download to install.  If prompted open the Security & Privacy settings in System Preferences.  Under the General tab, click Open Anyway to allow the application to install.
       A screenshot of the Security & Privacy System Preference to select allow the application to install.
  10. Once the installation is completed, open MyWorkDrive, which can be found under Applications, or on the desktop.
    MyWorkDrive_0 Screenshot of the MyWorkDrive_0 on the desktop.
    Screenshot of MyWorkDrive in Applications on a Mac
  11. When you open the application, enter as the Server URL and press Connect.  
  12. You will be directed to the Loyola login screen where you will be prompted for your email address, password, and multi-factor authentication.
  13. Once this is complete, you will see your folders under MyWorkDrive_0.
    alt="Screenshot of the folders in MyWorkDrive"
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