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Learn how to restore deleted files and folders from OneDrive and Microsoft Teams.
In May 2018, Webfolder has been replaced by MyWorkDrive to provide access to H:\ (Shared) and T:\ (Personal) drives from Macs or devices off-campus.The MyWorkDrive web interface offers browser-based access, or you can access the drives via a mapped drive client
Loyola Workspace is a secure dashboard of university applications that can be accessed and run from most anywhere in the world with the same ubiquitous experience for all users. This article illustrates the steps involved to accessing and running an application from within Loyola Workspace.
Overview of Inside Loyola and changes effective 6/7/21
As a Team owner there are important security reminders to consider including membership, settings, data access and private channels.
Learn more best practices & other considerations for managing and using Microsoft Teams at Loyola.
Learn how to access advanced settings in Microsoft Teams for managing your team, managing visible channels and other team settings.
Learn how to properly structure accessible documents and course content in Moodle and SiteCore.
Learn more about the H: Drive & Inside Loyola Site Data Move. Familiarize yourself with with the project timeline, expectations & various tips and trick to help you move and better prepare.
Learn how to sync your files in Microsoft Teams to the File Explorer (PC) / Finder (Mac) on your computer.
Learn how to Get Help with Microsoft Teams, availability, key benefits & features.
Learn how to record and configure a voice greeting, call answer rules, and text-to-speech voicemail in Microsoft Teams.
Apple Enterprise Connect is an Apple application that provides an easy way to keep your Loyola Mac device synced with your Loyola password, alleviating issues with Keychain and FileVault encryption passwords getting out of sync.
Learn how to move files from File Explorer (PC) to Microsoft Teams by dragging and dropping.
Learn how to move files from Finder (Mac) to Microsoft Teams by dragging and dropping.
Learn how to drag and drop or upload existing files in Microsoft Teams.
This document outlines the technology needed to create a successful remote work environment.
New to Microsoft Outlook? Use this guide to learn the basics.
New to OneDrive for Business? Use this guide to learn the basics.