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Learn how to watch XFINITY On Campus for a Laptop or Desktop computer.
Learn how to follow basic troubleshooting steps to resolve most XFINITY On Campus Issues.
Learn how to resolve known and common issues with audio/sound when using XFINITY On Campus.
Learn how to resolve potential video buffering issues.
Learn about access limits for XFINITY On Campus
XFINITY On Campus™ is an IPTV streaming service offered by Comcast for colleges and universities as their on-campus TV service solution.
VPN networks will not work and are not permitted as listed in our terms and conditions.
Learn who to contact and how to resolve common error messages when using a Roku with XFINITY On Campus.
Find useful general troubleshooting tips to resolve technical issues with XFINITY On Campus
You can only watch one show at a time when streaming using XFINITY On Campus.
Learn why you utilize your Loyola credentials when authenticating into XFINITY On Campus.
Find out about On Demand, Upgrades, Search, TV Go, TV Everywhere, DVR, and our newest feature Roku.
Learn how to watch XFINITY On Campus using a Kindle device.
Learn how to watch XFINITY On Campus using a Roku device.
Currently, XFINITY On Campus does not have an "XFINITY Stream" app for the Google Chromecast to stream and watch channels from the XFINITY Stream guide.