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Learn how to use the Sharing Cart feature in Moodle to easily move items between courses or within your own course.
Moodle 3.8 adds several new features worth exploring.
Learn how to quickly enable Guest Access in your Moodle course.
Learn how to modify a course start date in Moodle.
Steps to follow for course imports to move course content from one course to another.
This article shows you how to add unlimited time to Moodle quizzes for students who have a documented accommodation with DSS.
How to add a Grade Item (such as an Assignment or Quiz) to a Moodle course.
This article walks users through setting up grade Categories.
The steps to follow to exclude non-graded items from overall course grade calculation.
How to download course roster in Moodle 3.6
Provides information regarding the operation and use of the Moodle to promote the successful use of the system, system reliability and safekeeping of the data contained in the system.
A list of resources for students regarding the frequently used Loyola-supported tools that faculty utilize in their course.