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This articles gives an overview, how to login and how to get support for Loyola's Student Engagement Platform, The Bridge.
Loyola Workspace is a secure dashboard of university applications that can be accessed and run from most anywhere in the world with the same ubiquitous experience for all users. This article illustrates the steps involved to accessing and running an application from within Loyola Workspace.
Within Loyola Workspace, you can add new applications to your bookmarks tab by visiting the application catalog.
Learn how to sign into XFINITY On Campus using your Computer, Mobile Device or Roku
Learn how to resolve any username/password issues with XFINITY On Campus
Unfortunately, connecting laptops or iPads directly to a TV is not supported.
Learn how to resolve known and common issues with audio/sound when using XFINITY On Campus.
Learn how to upgrade your XFINITY On Campus account should you wish to do so.
Learn about access limits for XFINITY On Campus
VPN networks will not work and are not permitted as listed in our terms and conditions.
Learn who to contact and how to resolve common troubleshooting errors with XFINITY On Campus.
You can only watch one show at a time when streaming using XFINITY On Campus.
Learn why you utilize your Loyola credentials when authenticating into XFINITY On Campus.
Learn about the minimum system requirements for XFINITY On Campus
Find out about On Demand, Upgrades, Search, TV Go, TV Everywhere, DVR, and our newest feature Roku.