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This training will inform employees of safe work practices when using an aerial lift. Aerial lifts are extremely useful pieces of equipment and are commonly used in many industries.  But this equipment can be hazardous to both operators and employees working nearby unless proper precautions are taken by all employees.  Duration: 26 minutes.

This session will cover the hazards and risks of working on or near energized electrical equipment. It will also discuss the procedures for preventing an arc flash accident, and how to protect yourself from the hazards of an arc flash. Duration: 17 minutes.

This training session is designed for employees who may contact or work near asbestos containing material (known as ACM), asbestos-containing building material (known as ACBM), or presumed asbestos-containing material (known as PACM), but do not disturb it as part of their normal work activities. Duration: 25 minutes

This training presentation will help you to understand how back injuries occur; prevent back injuries; use proper lifting, load carrying, and unloading techniques; and think intelligently about your back.  Duration: 21 minutes

This training session focuses on biosafety, including risk assessment, prevention of infection, signs and symptoms of exposure, and good laboratory practices and procedures.  Duration: 27 minutes.

This session will train you to identify bloodborne pathogens, or BBPs, that might be present in the workplace; understand how certain diseases are transmitted through blood; determine your risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens in the workplace; protect yourself from exposure through prevention and by following certain procedures if you are exposed; respond appropriately if you are exposed to bloodborne pathogens; and understand your right to medical evaluations. Duration: 28 minutes.

This training session will teach your employees to identify risks of exposure, understand the requirements of the facilility's exposure control plan and OSHA regulations, prevent exposure by taking proper precautions, and take effective action inthe event of an exposure.  Duration:  23 minutes.

This training session will teach you to recognize  the hazards of confined space entry, including the signs and synptoms of exposure to hazards; test and monitor for hazards, especially atmospheric dangers; work closely with the attendant to enable the attendant to monitor your exposure to dangerous situations; and respond to emergencies, especially evacuating the confinfed space. Duration: 22 minutes.

Whether you drive on the job or just commute to work by car, you're in danger on the road unless you drive defensively.  Motor vehicle accidents are the number one cause of accidental death in the United States.  They are also the number one cause of work-related fatalities.  Any person operating a Loyola owned vehicle on University property must be aware of the University's safety poliies, procedures, and rules applicable to the use of such vehicles.  Duration: 21 minutes.

This training session will teach you to recognize and identify hazardous materials; understand HAZMAT container markings, labels, and placards; load and unload hazardous materials safely; use protective procedures and equipment; avoid accidents with hazardous materials; respond to an emergency; and recognize and respond to security threats. Duration: 29 minutes

This session will look at some of the basic principals of ergonomics so that you can use a commonsense approach to working safely.  In particular, the information presented here will focus on musculoskeletal disorders, or MSD's, and how ergonomics helps prevent them.  Duration: 24 minutes.

This training presentation will teach you how to recognize fall hazards and identify when fall protection is needed, use basic fall protection systems, prevent objects from falling, inspect personal fall arrest systems, and rescue yourself and others from falls.  Duration: 30 minutes.

This training presentation will teach you to understand the hazards that lead to an emergency, evacuate an area in an emergency, protect yourself from fire and other hazards, prevent fires, and respond to fires and spills.  Duration: 20 minutes.

This training session will teach you about what causes a fire, what fire extinguishers do, how to use an extinguisher, and different fire suppressant materials.  Duration: 23 minutes.

This training session will help you understand the charateristics of a fork lift, including differences from driving a car; controls and instruments; motor operation; steering; warnings, and precautions.  Duration: 23 minutes.