Self Paced Training -- OneDrive for Business

**note: not all features may be available**

What's included here:

Below you will find a cultivated list of self paced trainings that will help you get started with OneDrive. If you have never used the tool, or feel as if you would rate your skills as "beginner", we recommend that you start with "What is O365" and then move through either Introduction to OneDrive or OneDrive for Business Essential Training, based upon your preference of learning from documentation or videos. From there, once you feel you are ready, feel free to jump into other topics as interest strikes.

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What is Office 365 (video based, 1 minute 16 seconds) – Get to know what Office 365 can do at a high level.
Introduction to OneDrive. (documentation based) -- In these walk-through compilations you will learn how to:
  • Upload files and folders to OneDrive
  • Manage files and folders in OneDrive
  • Collaborate using OneDrive
  • Set up your mobile app

OneDrive for Business Essential Training. (video based, 50 minutes 29 seconds) -- In this LinkedInLearning (formerly training, you will learn the basics of OneDrive for Business, including:

  • What is OneDrive for Business?
  • Accessing and Navigating OneDrive
  • Syncing files to your computer with the OneDrive application
  • How to upload files via the web
  • How to upload files via the application
  • Organizing files and folders
  • How to use OneDRive with the desktop version of Office
  • How to restore a file to a previous version
  • How to share files
  • What it looks like to work simaltaneously with a coworker


OneDrive Quick Tips (video based, 25 minutes and 47 seconds) -- This LinkedInLearning (formerly collection provides brief walk-through videos on a variety of topics that will allow you to get more out of OneDrive, including:

  • Differences in the Files Library between web and desktop application
  • Information required to share files and folders
  • How to locate and restore deleted files
  • Using the search tool in OneDrive to find files faster

For Current Google Users

Switch from Gmail to Outlook -- In these walk through compilations, you will learn:
  • The differences of Outlook and Gmail
  • How to utilize OneDrive linking to more easily work together with coworkers or classmates
  • Use filters and sorting in your inbox
  • General tips such as setting out of office messages

Switch from Google Drive to OneDrive -- In these walk through compilations, you will be given:

  • A side by side comparison of the differences of OneDrive and Google Drive
  • How to share files and folders from OneDrive
  • How to create, upload and edit files in OneDrive