Office 365 Training Course Activity Guide - Overview

This Activity Guide is a partner document to use during and after the face-to-face OneDrive and Teams training courses. It is split into three parts:

Office 365 Training Course Activity Guide - Overview (current document)
Office 365 Training Course Activity Guide - OneDrive for Business
Office 365 Training Course Activity Guide - Microsoft Teams

Office 365 Training Course Activity Guide - Overview

What is Office 365?

Office 365 is a suite of productivity tools that includes access to Office applications and online productivity services. It allows you full access to the office suite whether at work, home or anywhere else as long as you have an Internet connection. Learn more on how to manage your Office 365 installs.

What is OneDrive for Business?

OneDrive for Business is Office 365's cloud storage solution, which allows you to store, share, and sync your Loyola University Maryland work files. Say goodbye to space limits, with 1 terabyte (equal to 1,000 gigabytes) of space per user.  Your files will be accessible via the web, on your computer using the OneDrive sync application or on your mobile device using the OneDrive mobile app. OneDrive for Business will allow you to manage your files including sharing, restoring previous version histories and who has access to view or edit a document or folder of documents.

You can sync your OneDrive for Business drive to your computer by using the File Sync tool for both Mac OS and Windows.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams allows for real-time collaboration on documents, the ability to have threaded conversations in a single place, the ability to search for previous interactions and documents and work seamlessly from any location. Not only will it replace the H: drive for shared storage, it has the ability to replace cumbersome email threads and allows streamlined discussions that involve the necessary stakeholders. 

Benefits of Microsoft Teams and OneDrive for Business