Microsoft Teams Application Request

Because of security implications, we have limited Microsoft Teams application integrations to default to only Microsoft developed applications and applications developed by companies we already have contracts with. Knowing that users may have business needs for other applications, we wanted to provide a mechanism for review of the need and the application to determine if we can enable it in our environment.

Available To

This service is available to all active faculty, staff, and administrators.

Benefits & Key Features

Approved applications will be integrated and available for use directly from Microsoft Teams.


For those with whom we have contractual agreements, there may not be any additional cost to connect the application to Microsoft Teams. However, please confirm this with the vendor. For those with whom we do not have contractual agreements, there may be additional costs that will be incurred by the requesting user for usage.

Request a Teams Application


Service ID: 38453
Tue 8/27/19 2:54 PM
Wed 9/18/19 9:01 AM