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Report an issue you are having with Loyola technology.

Report an issue with a HoundPrint device.

Loyola classrooms are classified as hi-tech classrooms and contain some or all of the latest technologies Loyola has to offer, such as ceiling projectors, document cameras, and smart classroom capabilities. All classrooms have an Computer, Document Camera, and laptop connection available at the instructor's station.

Request assistance with an enterprise application (Colleague, Informer, Business Objects, etc.)

All Loyola email accounts are powered by Microsoft Office 365. Accounts can be accessed using Microsoft Outlook or via Houndmail (Outlook on the Web).

This form is for Faculty and Staff use only.
Complete this online request for software to be installed in a lab or classroom.

Request toner, paper, staples or waste toner box for HoundPrint devices.

Automatic provisioning of WWW folders will discontinue. That means that if you need a WWW folder and associated functionality for yourself and the students participating in one of your classes, a request will need to be submitted.

Report an issue with an enterprise application (Colleague, Informer, Business Objects, etc.)

Inside Loyola is the internal web presence for Loyola. Here you will find unique information about your affiliation with the University such as courses, Moodle, employment information, access to email and calendaring via the web, quick links to campus services, anywhere applications, and much more.

Adobe Creative Cloud is a service that gives users access to the Adobe suite of software for graphic design, video editing, web development applications, and cloud services.

This form is for Records use only. Request to have courses crosslisted. Please be sure to include the semester of the course that is to be crosslisted.

The Microsoft Teams application request form allows users to request review of third-party applications for Microsoft Teams.

Intelligent Video Solutions (IVS) Valt is the system used by Loyola Clinical Centers, Counseling Center, and School of Education for recording and live observation of clinical video. IVS Beam is a mobile video solution.

Cable television is available to all resident students and to a number of offices on the Evergreen Campus. XFINITY On Campus allows residential students to stream live TV and thousands of XFINITY On Demand shows and movies directly to laptop, desktop, and mobile devices.

Loyola's online faxing system, HoundFax, allows departments to send and receive faxes electronically.

Support for Aspire - Continuing Education programs at Loyola University Maryland.

Request assistance with Moodle.