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Intelligent Video Solutions (IVS) Valt is the system used by Loyola Clinical Centers, Counseling Center, and School of Education for recording and live observation of clinical video. IVS Beam is a mobile video solution.

All Loyola email accounts are powered by Microsoft Office 365. Accounts can be accessed using Microsoft Outlook or via Houndmail (Outlook on the Web).

Loyola's online faxing system, HoundFax, allows departments to send and receive faxes electronically.

This form will allow members of the community to submit requests for new software. It is not required that you know the specific software, but that you are able to articulate your business or academic need so that we can aid you in the search for the right solution.

Report an issue relating to Moodle.

To be used to store files for applications, such as SAS, that don’t currently integrate well with OneDrive.

Technology Services is in the process of defining how the H Drive and Inside Loyola team sites will be migrated to Microsoft Teams. Our plan is to begin the migration of department H drives to Microsoft Teams in early spring 2020, but if you would like to be an early adopter of the H drive to Teams migration, let us know by submitting a request.

Request assistance with an enterprise application (Colleague, Informer, Business Objects, etc.)

Adobe Creative Cloud is a service that gives users access to the Adobe suite of software for graphic design, video editing, web development applications, and cloud services.

Loyola's voicemail system is supported by Microsoft's cloud services. It provides a convenient way for receiving, sending and managing voicemail messages. Voicemail allows callers to leave you a personal, secure message when you are unavailable and allows you to access and manage your messages from multiple devices.

Report an issue with a HoundPrint device.

Complete this online request for software to be installed in a lab, classroom, or remote access.

This form is for Records use only. Request to have courses crosslisted. Please be sure to include the semester of the course that is to be crosslisted.

Report an issue you are having with Loyola technology.

Contact the Project Management Office about Loyola IT projects or the project portfolio.

Because of security implications, we have limited Zoom application integrations. Knowing that users may have business needs for other applications, we wanted to provide a mechanism for review of the need and the application to determine if we can enable it in our environment.

If you suspect that you have a virus or malware on your Loyola device, disconnect from the network immediately and call the Help Center at (410) 617-5555. You may also report the issue from another device using this form.

Request assistance with Moodle.

Report an issue with an enterprise application (Colleague, Informer, Business Objects, etc.)

The Microsoft Teams application request form allows users to request review of third-party applications for Microsoft Teams.

WWW folder is a file share that is used for publishing personal web content.